World View presents significant research and education opportunities by providing highly affordable access to the near space environment.

On board the capsule in a shirtsleeves environment, researchers and educators can conduct human-tended and non-tended activities at 1/600th the cost of a ride to the International Space Station, and 30x less expensively than on a Black Brant sounding rocket.

Research and commercialization applications include Earth and atmospheric sciences, IR, UV, and charged particle astronomy, solar physics, ionospheric studies, communications, life sciences, astrobiology, technology demonstrations, surveillance, and media to name a few. World View also provides excellent educational opportunities including flying student experiments on board.

World View’s high-altitude platform provides a variety of advantages for research and education, including:

Key Advantage Research Rationale Improvement Over
IC_Person Human Tended Instruments not automated, less expensive.Researchers dynamically perform and adapt experiments to data in flight. Orbital,
Some Suborbital
IC_Money Lower Cost Launch cost less: 600x less than a Soyuz flight, 30x less expensive than a Black Brant sounding rocket.Gentler ride means instrumentation and equipment are less expensive, and crew training requirements are lower. Orbital, Rocket Suborbital
IC_Clock Longer Duration Hours vs. few minutes:

  • More observations and experiment runs
  • Able to observe more changes in phenomena
  • Sufficient time to teach classes, make educational and media videos
Rocket Suborbital
IC_Cloud Altitude Higher ground resolution, longer lower-level exposure, good access to the entire stratosphere. Orbital, Rocket Suborbital
IC_Vibration Lower G’s & Vibration Gentler ride for instruments. Orbital, Rocket Suborbital
IC_Range Increased Range Ability to transect the atmosphere and cover more ground. Rocket Suborbital
IC_Speed Lower Speed Better for many kinds of atmospheric and meteoritic sampling. Orbital, Rocket Suborbital
IC_No No Zero-G Simpler design and operations, “ground-like” laboratory environment. Orbital, Rocket Suborbital
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